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How the Body Heals

Our culture has begun to once again understand that human beings are intricately connected
to the natural world. In contrast to conventional medicine's teaching of a separation between
nature, the mind, body, and spirit. A "Whole Systems" approach to health views each organ as having
particular body and mind functions, and a clear understanding of nature's ability to assist in healing.


A Whole System Approach

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This "Whole Systems" approach seeks to improve health and treat disease chiefly by assisting the body's innate capacity to recover from illness and injury. Bacteria and viruses, which are always present, seldom cause problems in a healthy body.


The Healing
of Nature


According to naturopathic practice, disease occurs when imbalance is present and/or when toxins accumulate internally - often due to incorrect lifestyle, a poor diet, and improper care of the body . While conventional medical treatments may rid the body of symptoms, these treatments alone do not bring true healing. Rather than trying to attack specific symptoms and diseases, a Whole Systems philosophy offers a wholistic approach to the individual that supports the body in finding its way back to homeostasis using basic principles of more traditional modalities of healing.

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Nature may heal slowly, but heal she does...

These principles are also the corner stones of healing put forth by the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates himself.

"The natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."



The Healing Power of Nature


Nature may heal slowly, but heal she does if given the chance. This chance to heal may mean changes in life style such as, a more wholesome and nourishing relationship with food, getting enough sleep, plenty of exercise, a healthy connection to the natural world and to your community.

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Uncover the Cause of Disease Not Just Identify Symptoms


The underlying cause of the disease must be removed in order for real healing to take place. This may require a deep listening by you and a qualified team of health care providers. The root cause of illness can exist at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels and all of you must be honored and cared for in order for total healing to occur.

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First Do No Harm


Trust in nature's ability to heal includes the manifestation of symptoms and suppressing these attempts by the body to heal itself should be avoided. For example fever is an attempt for the body to burn up bacteria and when the process of a fever is prematurely interrupted it can drive the imbalance further into the system and leave the patient in a weaker state over all. A fever, within reason of course, should be closely monitored but respected as the body's way of healing itself. This is true of coughing, vomiting, and sweating as well.

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The Health Care Provider as Teacher


Encouraging you to be a cooperative partner in the process of regaining and maintaining your health requires sharing of information and an exchange of ideas. As you develop a more intimate relationship to the subtle messages your body sends forth and learn how to interpret this intelligent language of your body, mind and spirit you can take profound and meaningful responsibility for your own health and wellness.

    whole system healing, life style counceling mare tomaski  




The ultimate goal of course is to work at building vibrant health through lifestyle adjustments and alignment with the natural world, instead of fighting disease once it arrives.

    whole system healing, life style counceling mare tomaski  

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