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A Team Approach To Wellness

As the world evolves our lives and bodies will need to grow and change with it. What our systems are exposed to over a life time adds up, bodies change, times change, the environment around us changes and if we apply an old model to new situations the hoped-for results may not be produced. Many of us go through life with less vibrancy than we deserve. Is there another option? I believe there most certainly is.

"I am simply trying to teach you what you are
to get you to realize your right to health
and when you see the cures wrought here
after all other means have failed
you can but know that the foundation of my work
is laid on nature's rock."
-Andrew Taylor Still

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

"To find health is the object of the physician...anyone can find disease."
-Andrew Taylor Still

Functional Medicine

While it appears that no one can provide us with health better than we ourselves can, through proper nutrition, enough rest, exercise, meaningful work and healthy relationships, some times we need support to make the changes required to repair and restore our lives to health and balance. Often times when people turn to their doctor for help they leave with a little slip of paper which inevitably delivers them right to the door of the local drug store. While that pill may relieve your symptoms for a time, it does not ultimately repair the real cause of your illness.

Lucky for us, a new wave of medicine has begun to emerge fueled by a small handful of compassionate, caring physicians. Functional Medicine (functionalmedicine.net) is a progressive science-based field dedicated to prevention, diagnosis, and earth based treatment of many of today's stress-based illnesses.

We are quite lucky here in the metrowest of Boston to have two such places to turn to. In time I have no doubt we will see more of this kind of care being offered by doctors. The Medical Professionals offered on this page are dedicated to finding the root cause of endocrine, hormone, nutritional and lifestyle imbalances to help you regain your true health and vigor. The only catch is you may need to really adjust your lifestyle.

  wellness and functional medicine

Visions Medical Center

170 Worcester Street (Route 9)
Wellesley, MA 02481
Phone: (781) 431-1333
Fax: (781) 431-1933

Physicians for Prevention
John L. Przybylski, MD

25 Mall Road, Suite 501
Burlington, MA 01803
Phone: (781) 221.0055
Fax: (781) 221.0044

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