dynamic stillpoint transformational healing and bodywork dynamic stillpoint transformational healing and bodywork

Kinesis Myofascial Integration

· Sessions are approximately 1.5 hours: $150.00
· An indepth health history is taken at first session
· Postural assessment at each session
· Before and after photos are taken at various points along the way
· Please wear bathing suit or form-fitting bike shorts and tank top to each session

Craniosacral Therapy

· Sessions are approximately 1.5 hours, $150.00
· Wear loose comfortable clothing, and please refrain from wearing denim
· Sessions can range in time but please allow 1.5 hours in your schedule

Laser Treatments

· Laser can be added to any treatment for an additional $20.00
  (highly reccomended with craniosacral sessions)
· Come in by appointment for 15 minute laser only tune-up $25.00



Experience deep restorative healing through a variety of exceptional healing modalities.

Sessions are by appointment.
Please call the office to schedule:

Mare Tomaski
32 School St., Framingham, MA

Phone: 508.788.0906
Email: profundus@aol.com