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Welcome Activation-ists!

What does it mean to be an Activationist?

It may mean you have a propensity for envisioning solutions towards a kinder, gentler world. You may feel that the natural world is something worth preserving, that war is not the answer and that all of our fellow human beings have the inherent right to have meaningful work, a home to live in, and food to eat. You may even feel that managing our common health and wellness may serve us better if it where not being handled by large corporations who see our lack of health as a way to yield a profit.

You may have even voiced your concern over these issues through that little thing called voting, or at a rally, or by writing a letter or offering a donation to a cause you believe in. You probably felt good in your heart doing so. Maybe it helped you to feel a little more alive and empowered, and that you are part of something large and meaningful. If so, you may be an Activationist (for the purposes of this web page at least).

Activationists Unite!

If these principles are of importance to you I hope you know you are not alone. At times you may have been called a "human rights activist" or a "grassroots organizer". The term "cultural creative" is my personal favorite. The term has become a movement, driven by Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson. Paul and Sherry are making great strides bringing the people who believe in those values together. CulturalCreatives.org

This page contains a few organizations that are near and dear to my heart. These people work every day with the goals of bringing humanity to a more sustainable way of life. Many of them have been a great source of inspiration and hope to the many lives touched by their efforts. They have most certainly inspired me. You can donate, spread the word, educate and learn or just read on and know that there are people out there doing great work. It is good for the heart and mind to simply know that goodness can prevail and usually does in the end.

If you have some social action organizations you want to send along that are near and dear to your heart I would love to hear from you.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free from sufferings of body and mind.


"We are called to be architects
of the future, not its victims."
- Buckminster Fuller

May these pages encourage alternative ideas for networking, creativity, and stress reduction for all who visit. These pages are offered in direct opposition to all the negativity being circulated through our pitiful modern day media outlets.

Turn off your TV, get out into the natural world and rekindle friendship and connection with your fellow human beings!


Give US Your Poor is a national public education campaign addressing homelessness. In 1999, Give US Your Poor began as a documentary film project looking at homelessness, and has grown into a wider education campaign utilizing networks, media, public support, and the latest research on homelessness. Give US Your Poor works to complement and work with other homelessness projects. They are a local Boston based organization and they are doing wonderful work!

Peace Abbey: The mission of the Peace Abbey is to create, maintain and promote innovative models for social change that reflect the principles of nonviolence that exist within the major faith traditions of the world.

There is no place like the Peace Abbey for renewing hope and building fellowship.

  community organizing

The Peace Abbey Sherborn, MA

International Grassroots Goodness

Women for Women International: This organization was started by Zainab Salbi an Iraqi woman who knew she could harness change by empowering women in war torn countries to heal their villages if given a chance. The results of this organization are a steady source of inspiration and hope.

The Buffalo Field Campaign: The mission of BFC is to build grassroots support for the preservation of the last wild herd of bison which are being systematically slaughtered by our government.

Voices of Hope: A wonderful project to heal through music by the Indigo Girls! This is so great!! Check out the rest of their web site too, they are using their powers for GOOD!

community organizing



Amma: This precious woman has been a source of love, peace, and humanitarian goodness for thousands of people around the world. She is the closest thing to a living saint I have ever seen.

Heifer International: A holistic approach is necessary in order to build sustainable communities. In a world where land is overused, community members need to learn how to protect and rejuvenate their land, water and other natural resources. Heifer helps by teaching sound agriculture and animal husbandry techniques.