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About Mare

Mare Tomaski has been studying and exploring the healing potential of the body for 17 years. The journey began at The New Mexico Academy of Massage and Advanced Healing Arts, in Santa Fe, New Mexico and from there wove a path through the coasts of California with studies in Esalen massage, cranial sacral therapy, Continuum Movement, yoga, pilates and meditation. Upon returning to Boston, Mare became certified in KMI Structural Integration and began an intensive study in Flamenco dance. Most recently, in 2009, Mare has been certified in Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy through Charles Ridely out in Muir Beach California. This experience has been evolutionary leap in consciousness expansion that has added new dimensions of depth and understanding to every session.

After a Yoga winter intensive in Mexico, the weaving of her background in massage and dance now informs her yoga classes.

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"Approaching both the massage table and the yoga mat is an invitation into the mystery and magic of the human experience."



Mare's Education

Massage and Body Work
New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts
St. John NMT
'Kinesis' Structural Integration
Milne Institute
Dynamic Stillness
Esalen Institute

Yandara Yoga Teacher Training Institute
Tias Little
Sri Louise Yoga Training
Sanskrit Mantra
Mantra: the yoga of sound

Omayra Amaya
Daughters of Rhea


Email: profundus@aol.com
Phone: 508.788.0906

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Many wonderful teachers have inspired and guided me with clarity, wisdom and a great passion for the healing potential
of the body, mind and spirit. Each learning experience left an imprint upon my mind and expanded in my heart
what I thought was possible. Each teacher planted the seeds that have brought endless inspiration and wonder to my days.
To all of my teachers I extend thanks and gratitude for bringing such wonder and beauty into my life.
Namaste, Namaste, Namaste...