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Kinesis Myofascial Integration

A good stance and posture reflect
a proper state of mind.
-Morihei Ueshiba


Fascia is the thin elastic layers of tissue that contain the entire body from tip to toe. We commonly view muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones as separate, yet even as they have separate attachments, they are in the larger scheme, woven together via the fascial web. This fascia has a strong connection to how the entire system communicates with itself. Structural Integration engages in a conversation with the fascia through slow, steady pressure to reshape and free bound fascia. The series is approximately a 10-session journey through your body.

How does Structural Integration
differ from a massage?

This work is unlike what you may have experienced in a massage in many ways. You may be asked to flex and extend your body as we lift and melt the tissues and free patterns of strain. At times you will be asked to stand up, walk around, or even sit. In this way you re-learn how it feels to be more fully in your body. You become an active and important partner in unraveling the reasons why your chronic pain has manifested in the ways it has.

kinesis myofascial integration, framingham ma mass

The Importance of Fluidity and Movement

Your body is an adaptable, resilient organism that responds to intelligent, thoughtful suggestion. If you ask it to change and give it the opportunity to do so, it will. With specific myofascial release techniques, creative movement, breath and deep listening we will embark upon a journey that is filled with endless possibilities for how you experience your life.

  kinesis myofascial integration, framingham ma mass

Ida Rolf in action

"Fascia is the organ of posture.
The body is a web of fascia.
We can trace the lines of that web
to get an understanding of how
the body works."

~Dr. Ida Rolf,
creator of Structural Integration

How Structural Integration Works

In order for fascia to be affected, the strokes must be slow and firm. The idea is to add enough heat and pressure to the area to melt and/or separate fascial binding. Like a potter working with clay, the fascia warms up and can then be reshaped to free the muscle bundles below it. The strokes experienced in a typical session can vary in sensation. You may feel a stretching to an almost burning sensation as the tissue is lifted and separated from its restrictions.

The Sessions

Each session builds on the one before. Typically weekly or bi monthly treatments are most effective but your lifestyle, activity level, nutritional habits and age are all factors in how your body will respond. A full postural assessment, as well as before and after photos of your structure, will be taken for us to use as a guide for achieving your goals. (Please wear a bathing suit or form-fitting exercise clothing to each session.)

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Morning Stiffness?? Here's why!

Melt the Fuzz (link to video)


Sessions are approximately 1.5 hours: $150.00